Online live roulette is alot of fun, it brings back the social aspect of playing with live croupiers and chat. The main feature of live dealer roulette is there is an actual live dealer who spins the roulette wheel on a live stream online which you can view.

You can play live online roulette at the top live casinos that we list below. We have sorted through dozens of live casinos that offer roulette and handpicked these. They have all been rated and tested for your safety and are tops in the industry.

Best Online Casinos For Live Roulette

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What is Live Dealer Roulette?

live dealer rouletteLive roulette with live dealers can be played online connecting through a personal computer with Internet facilities. You just need to register yourself with a genuine website that allows you to play roulette online with live dealers. Many of these websites have sophisticated gaming software that allows you to play and interact with the remotely located casino and all the participants. You can watch the live proceedings of the game very clearly. There are a lot of controls using which you can get to view the casino from different angles, see, and hear the dealer and all other players. You can also chat with the other players while playing the game if you want to, or you can turn the chat off if you find it distracting.

As any veteran or amateur casino player (or simply anyone who is familiar with casino games) would know, roulette involves the use of the small wheel. The wheel has some tracks (37 tracks in the European roulette and 38 in the American roulette) and is composed of two colors (red and black). To start the game, the dealer spins a ball around the wheel (it runs in the opposite direction). Players then guess where the ball lands. They could bet on a color, a number, a range of numbered tracks, or whether the track where the ball lands are odd- or even-numbered

The Appeal Of Live Roulette Online

Roulette is perhaps one of the most popular live casino roulette in the world. Unlike some casino games–usually card games–such as Poker or Rummy, play roulette, is mainly a game of luck. This does not mean that players cannot employ some strategies when playing roulette. After all, there are some betting strategies players can use when playing this extremely famous game. However, the outcome of the game depends merely on chance and luck; no strategy can help players win the roulette, and even experts say these strategies are flawed by nature.

The live online roulette, just like some popular casino games, is deceptively simple. This is probably where it gets its appeal. Beginners would think that roulette is simply a game where one has to choose tiles. But as most casino games, roulette is also surprisingly in-depth and compelling. The range of strategies veteran players use when placing bets is astounding, especially for a game as seemingly simple as roulette. Various authors and even esteemed mathematicians and engineers have tried to crack the secret of the roulette, predicting the outcome of a spin by analyzing the wheel’s mechanical performance. However, until today, there is no known strategy or computation that could help anyone win a game of roulette. Of course, it is a different story when it comes to the tactics experts give on how to recoup roulette losses by betting a varied or consistent set of tiles.

And because of this popularity, roulette is just a popular online. Online live roulette: is one of the most sought after games in online casinos. Enthusiasts can play live roulette online to capture the essence of an actual roulette game in a casino. Some online casinos have computerized roulette games. These emulate the experience but are plagued with authenticity issues. Since it is computer generated, there is no way of knowing if the result of the game is truly randomized and not pre-set. With live roulette online, players can see the actual wheel spun by an actual dealer. This means the results of each game is as authentic as a roulette casino game should be.

Online live roulette is just another indication that the roulette game is indeed one of the major casino games in the world. Its appeal transcends even the traditional casino set-up, making it a favorite among veteran and greenhorn players alike.

Playing Live Roulette The Experience

Many online gamblers love putting down their virtual chips on a live online roulette game. Many people comment on the addiction and the excitement they feel when they play live roulette online. When you decide to play live roulette, you can fully interact with a real live dealer. You do this through a webcam attached to your camera and in the roulette studio. In the majority of online gambling games, the only thing you get to play with is a software application on your computer. This is why so many people love playing live online roulette.

Gamblers have flocked to online casinos, being able to gamble without having to leave the house and partake in many different activities often at the same time, is very attractive to people wanting to gamble online. However, there is one thing that the online live casino roulette matter how they have tried have failed to do. And that is to recreate the buzz and the community feel of a real life casino. This is why live roulette is such a great way forward. Not only do you have the benefit of being able to stay at home, but you also have the genuine feel and look of being in a real life casino.

The roulette wheel in movies and real casinos has been portrayed as thrill seeking and incredibly exciting places to be. This is the one thing that software, no matter how hard it tries, can create properly. Live roulette puts you with real people and a real dealer and a real casino feel. This is why live online roulette has become so popular since it was first introduced.

In some instances, you will also get to interact with the live dealer roulette and other people verbally rather than just by typing. This again gives you a more realistic feel of a casino and social community. If you love gambling online and love the thrill of a real casino, live online roulette is the only place and activity where you will get both. There is no definite system or chance of winning or losing when playing live roulette, but then that is gambling, and the stats are always stacked against the player.

To help you in your live roulette game, instead of just betting on a number, bet on a sequence such as red/black, low/high, even/odd. Your odds are much better when betting on the courses rather than a particular number. Live online roulette is a complete chance game, you may win, and you may lose. Whichever way you decide to bet the one thing for definite is that when you play live online roulette, you will have lots of fun!

Live roulette online is actually an interactive game which is increasing in popularity in the casino world these days. Roulette is sought after, plus the live roulette online is a far more leisurely game when compared to several online casino games because of the time it will take to place a bet and spin the wheel. Based on the increasing amount of online casinos, it’s in fact possible right now to play live, real roulette game. The game rules for the online games are easy and simple to understand.